Be better, select Climaider

With a dearest promise of ‘being better’ and constantly chasing the most sustainable solutions, we believe reducing CO2 emissions are essential. Therefore, we have partnered up with Climaider to give our customers the opportunity to join the journey.

All clothing has an associated carbon emission - also ours. Hence, we provide a solution where customers can remove more CO2 than their purchase emits. Simply add the CO2 offset in your shopping basket and we will make your purchase climate positive.

This is achieved by supporting Climaider’s certified carbon offseting projects. For instance, by collecting greenhouse gasses directly from the atmosphere, or by planting trees in Madagascar. 

Read more about the current project here.

Do you also want to ‘be better’? Join the journey and chose the CO2 offset in your shopping basket on our website.

Thank you for taking care of our planet 💚 



About Climaider

Climaider is for everyone who wants to take climate action and contribute towards a more sustainable future. We started Climaider because we felt helpless about the effects of climate change. Because what can you do as an individual to help combat climate change? We want to make it easy for you.