STORM & MARIE's designer, Signe Elisabeth Vedel, talks about her vision and dreams for a sustainable future, in a recent interview in Ajour, Magasin du Nord's online magazine. Our Responsible Collection is a collab between STORM & MARIE and Magasin du Nord, and is currently featured at the new pop-up stand at the department store.

Here are some highlights from the article:

The STORM & MARIE x Magasin collection features 12 styles based on classic wardrobe elements, but carries STORM & MARIE's individual details and clean Scandinavian lines. All fabrics in the collection are chosen from a sustainable perspective, where a selection of dresses, as well as, a blouse and skirt are produced in TENCEL, a natural fabric made from eucalyptus fibres. 

"All fabrics in the collection are selected from a sustainable perspective," says
Signe Elisabeth Vedel, and continues, "I've always loved the eucalyptus plant for its delicate, round leaves and the silver-gray shade. Beautiful and strong branches that can stand in the vase and decorate for weeks with very little water. The fact that eucalyptus is also used to make TENCEL, which is a sustainable, comfortable, durable and beautiful fabric, was a positive surprise."

How did you start the work on sustainability?
For the last 3-4 years, we'vebeen working on the idea of ​​transforming STORM & MARIE into a sustainable brand, and among other things, we have had several design students analyse how we could take this change without giving up on our design principles.

We made the final decision to journey towards STORM & MARIE 2.0 in the late summer of 2018, and as a result, the predominant part of the upcoming Fall 2019 collection is produced in sustainable fabric.

How do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the market?
We carry a very personal name. Storm and Marie are the names of our twins. STORM & MARIE is not just another brand; we are a family and a community. We are a dedicated group that loves design and aesthetics, but at the same time works to preserve the planet so that generations to come have the same opportunities we had.

What does your slogan "Be Better" mean and how do you work with it?
"Be Better" in all its simplicity means that we must make better and more responsible decisions. In order to work with this mission and transformation to a more sustainable brand, we set four goals that we must achieve in 2019. Firstly, as far as possible, we must work with sustainable materials or fabric products that have already been produced. In addition, our packaging and trimmings (hang tags, labels, polybags, etc.) must be made of biodegradable or sustainable material. All transport must be carried out in the most sustainable way, and as far as possible take place on land, as it is the most CO2-saving mode of transport. Finally, we need to have full transparency in our brand so that our customers know what they are buying, where it is produced and how to wash and handle our designs. This is so that the clothes stay usable and beautiful for as long as possible.

What is the goal for the future?
By the end of 2021, STORM & MARIE must be a fully sustainable brand and be CO2 neutral. We need to work in a more project-oriented way and involve ourselves in social projects that make sense to us, our employees, customers and the world. We need to work much more closely with our suppliers for a greener future and make decisions together for the better.

Read the full article in Danish here.