It’s no secret that transport and freight has an impact on our planet. One of the biggest offenders is air transport. And the most sustainable solution, is land transport which includes road and rail options.

The majority of our transport takes place on land. All transport in Europe is by road from either Portugal or Italy. And all goods from the Far East are transported by rail to Hamburg and then by road to us. Using rail transport reduces carbon emissions by 50% compared to sea transport.

The only time we use air freight is for packages weighing less than 5 kg, such as colour tests, quality cuttings, and other small items. In these cases, sea and rail options would create a larger carbon footprint.

Here’s a breakdown of carbon emissions by transport form:

  • Air freight takes 2 days and consumes 139 ton CO2
  • Ocean freight takes over 40 days and consumes approx. 4.8 ton CO2
  • Combined sea and air freight take more than 22 days and consumes 77 ton CO2
  • Rail takes 17-18 days and consumes 2.5 ton CO2