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How would you describe your music?
Think I‘ll call it „Urban Pop“. A hint of r'n'b, a little 00's attitude and a nice pop base.
(Click here to listen to the single „BAC“ from Ericka Jane)

How would you describe your personal style?
I‘ve always found it quite hard to describe my style, when I was asked, just because I feel like I am very good at being all over the range of styles.
I love experimenting with my look, but it is primarily street inspired. Then I like to add colour, glitter and different kinds of print or fabric.
I like to exaggerate a bit some times, for example by going all in on a 00‘s inspired look, but still keeping it street.

What kind of music where you listening to in your teenage room?
A good mix of Rihanna, Britney and Oh Land. A lot of  r'n'b and pop hits from the early 00's.
And then a lot of experimenting and futuristic  r'n'b on SoundCloud. Marina and the Diamonds,
the "Electra Heart" album helped me through all my teenage heartbreaks.

What qualities do you admire in a woman?
Women can do whatever we decide to do. Women are stubborn and it‘s great that we have learned to embrace that!
We have come so far through out the history, so the female is definitely future.

Your favourite item from STORM & MARIE's Spring 18 collection?
I love that STORM & MARIE have so many matching sets! My brand new set of leather skirt and jacket
with nice, colorful embroidery is a favourite - I just can‘t wait to rock that at an awesome event!